TMZ acquires a surveillance video of 2 Chainz and company approached by a man holding a pistol, and subsequently fleeing to safety.

Def Jam Records star 2 Chainz was the victim of a robbery yesterday afternoon (June 9) in Northern California. According to TMZ, the Atlanta, Georgia native formerly known as Tity Boi was with an entourage of 14 people yesterday at approximately 4:30pm in the vicinity of San Francisco, California.

While information is releasing, sources with the San Francisco Police Department told TMZ that they responded to the sound of gunfire. While 2 Chainz reportedly gave the assailant(s) his wallet, the “Based On A T.R.U. Story” album-maker opted not to provide authorities with additional information about the robbery and shooting. Reports at present indicate that nobody was injured.

2 Chainz has not released a statement on the incident. He was in the Bay Area for a Summer Jam concert. The Playaz Circle member did retweet a fan, who mentioned the shooting on Twitter.

A Georgia-centered news source, Everything Georgia, initially tweeted that the incident actually took place across the bridge in Oakland, California. The Twitter account with nearly 100,000 followers also claimed the robbery/shooting took place at a marijuana dispensary:

A video of the crime is said to exist and is currently under review, according to TMZ.

(June 10)

[Original] A member of 2 Chainz’s entourage was robbed, but the rapper himself was not robbed yesterday (June 9) in San Francisco, according to the San Francisco Police Department, as per Radio.com. “He was not the victim of a robbery,” San Francisco police said of 2 Chainz in a phone interview with Radio.com. “He was there, but he wasn’t the victim.”

The police said that one member of 2 Chainz’s crew reportedly fell to the ground after a shot was fired and the group scattered. The member who fell was then approached by the suspect, “who robbed him of an unknown item and fled the scene,” according to the police. The police also said 2 Chainz’s crew is “being very uncooperative” in the investigation and that a suspect has not been located.

(June 10)

Update #2:

2 Chainz was indeed robbed at gunpoint yesterday (June 9), according to the San Francisco Police Department, as per Radio.com. Police Spokesman Dennis Toomer told Radio.com that investigators informed him today (June 10) that 2 Chainz was in fact robbed, as was initially reported. Toomer said that 2 Chainz was robbed of his wallet and a cell phone.

Radio.com reported earlier today that a member of 2 Chainz’s entourage was robbed, but that 2 Chainz himself was not robbed.

2 Chainz has not released an official statement about the incident, but he did discuss it, if indirectly, on Twitter.

“Rule #1 if a rapper gets robbed people usually post items that has been taken. Rings, chains, watch , money etc. 2 answer that question”

“Rule#2 if a rapper gets shot he usually go to hospital or dies.”

(June 10)


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