The beef between Rihanna and Teyana Taylor is too real! Teyana wanna kill Rihanna & it’s not funny.. but oh hell it’s FUNNY.

It all started via Instagram, when Rihanna posted a video of her hair stylist, Yusef Williams, dressed in a curly wig, snap back, and a pair of Jordans singing which is similar to Teyana’s signature “boy meets girl” look. Yusef begins to sing “Caught In The Rapture” – a song which Teyana sang and posted on Instagram a few weeks prior to this incident.

Automatically, the shade came in & Teyana took it extra personal, and did not hesitate to let Rihanna & the entire social media world know – she will BODY Rihanna because she’s BOUT DAT LIFE.

Rih’s Navy & bird friends all jumped in and tried to gang up on the Harlem rapper, yet Teyana did not back down. Long story short, all these hoes went back and forth calling names, and trading places. Check all the drama out below:

sing caught in the rapture on IG then she posts her boy singing the same song, the same part, with curly hair and a snap back??? #PETTY

— TEYANA M.J. TAYLOR (@TEYANATAYLOR) September 24, 2013

Don’t play wit me @rihanna fuck all this industry shit, YOU & I know each other VERY well. Throwing subs 4 wat? u got my #, don’t show off.

— TEYANA M.J. TAYLOR (@TEYANATAYLOR) September 24, 2013

Rihanna responds:

I REFUSE to help your career…you will NOT get an @ from me! Not til you pay me! #nomorefreepromo#iRefuse

— Rihanna (@rihanna) September 24, 2013

Things got even more heated when both trash-talkers changed the cover image on their respective Twitter accounts:



Ya net worth & ya body count go neck to neck. #IndustryPussy
— TEYANA M.J. TAYLOR (@TEYANATAYLOR) September 24, 2013

90 million dollars & 90 million niggas diving in that bitch box.
— TEYANA M.J. TAYLOR (@TEYANATAYLOR) September 24, 2013

Rihanna and Teyana were cool with each other once upon a time, but over the years, Teyana’s friendship with Chris Brown & other things put them against one another as silent enemies.

Teyana once insinuated that Rihanna swagger jacked her whole style, and the beef has been silently brewing ever since. Share your thoughts on Teyana and Rihanna’s beef, and let us know who you think is right/ or wrong & who would win that fight?

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