chanel_a$apNew couple alert!!

It looks like Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky found himself a good girl in Victoria Secret’s baddest supermodel, Chanel Iman.

A$AP Rocky has been rumored to have dated two female rappers thus far, Australian pop rapper Iggy Azalea and Hip Hop’s trouble child Azealia Banks. The music industry must not have taste too good so he moved into the fashion industry. Chanel and A$AP have been seen ¬†and photoed together on a few occasions but this is the first official confirmation of a love connection.

Chanel’s been taking to her Instagram to display small shots of PDA with her new boo. The first (seen above) was captioned “VERY RARE” (@ChanelIman) where the two are wearing the same Air Jordan 1’s (I)Retro Black & Varsity Red sneakers. But the most recent upload is steamy compared to that!

photo 1

Chanel’s straddling A$AP’s lap and giving him a kiss. The funny thing about this picture is A$AP’s holding a blunt during this kiss. That’s some real thug love to kiss a guy with a smoky tongue so shoutout to Chanel for that one.

So best wishes to the new couple. If it’s just a fling or really gets serious, they look like they enjoy each other, & that’s all that should matter.


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