ASAP Rocky

A$AP Rocky recently held a concert in Germany for his international fans. Unfortunately, those fans didn’t get a chance to party with the Harlem rapper as he ended the concert early & left the stage when an unsuspected fan stole his Supreme hat.

Aside from his music, A$AP is also known for his extensive sense of fashion. One fan saw the chance to have one of his pieces of clothing when he came closer to the crowd and took it – literally. During his performance of “Work (Remix) with A$AP Ferg & the remaining A$AP Mob, the fan removed the “back in the day” Supreme cap from his head.

Once A$AP realized his hat was gone, he asked the crowd to simply return it so that the concert could continue as planned. “I came to party with y’all, give me my hat so I can. That’s a one of a kind hat,” he added. “We ain’t gonna f-ck you up, just give me my sh-t back.”

At the same time, one fan was trying to exit & A$AP took notice and told security to hold the fan. “Yo, stop that guy over there from leavin’.. don’t let nobody leave.” Nobody could move until that hat was returned.

The hat still did not return to the stage & as A$AP began to get more impatient, a promoter for the concert translated so that the crowd could better understand – no hat, no concert. Moments later, a frustrated Rocky announced “Germany, it’s been good. Thank you – I’m out this b-tch. Peace!” The rapper cleared the stage and left, according to the fan video below.

Whoever the fan was that took the hat messed up everyone’s night at the concert – fans, A$AP Rocky himself and the promoters of the venue.. Hope it was worth it.

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