Newcomer Alessia Cara just released her debut album, titled ‘Know It All.’ Her debut is led by the soulful and bittersweet record, “Here,” and the latest offering, “Wild Things.”

“I decided to call the album “know-it-all” because each song is so opinionated and touches upon a strong feeling,” the 18-year-old confirmed on Twitter. “While listening to the album, the listener might be under the impression that I have things figured out and that I know it all, but the reality is that I have no idea. It’s a sarcastic title taken from the song “If” on my album. The line says, “I’m a know-it-all, I don’t know enough””.

Alessia is a talented singer-songwriter from Brampton, Ontario signed to Def Jam, and although she is young, she’s definitely one to watch.

Cover ar tand full tracklisting are all below as well as the download link. Enjoy!


1. Seventeen
2. Here
3. Outlaws
4. I’m Yours
5. Four Pink Walls
6. Wild Things
7. Stone (feat. Sebastian Kole)
8. Overdose
9. Stars
10. Scars To Your Beautiful
11. Here (2:00 AM Version)
12. River of Tears
13. My Song

Alessia Cara “Know It All” – FULL ALBUM DOWNLOAD


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