Just last night (Dec. 6), NC rapper J. Cole took to Twitter to post the cryptic phone number 1-888-88-DREAM, as did his Dreamville members Bas, Omen, Elite, and Cozz to basically gives fans worldwide the idea something was coming. When fans dialed the number they were greeted with a voicemail from Cole telling a joke and a message that the mailbox was full, but a few were able to get through and chat with him and his manager. The phone number was initially featured on the cover of the Dreamville compilation Revenge of the Dreamers that dropped in January 2014, and sure enough, this campaign was pointing to a sequel that was scheduled to be released on Dec. 11.

And those choice few, got a chance to obviously chat with J. Cole — but we are all #winning with the unexpected release of Cole’s label & group Dreamville dropping “Revenge Of The Dreamers II.”

Lucky for us, it leaked early! Although the nine-track set is currently available for pre-order on iTunes and includes Bas’ “Night Job” featuring Cole, you can check it out here, FIRST, in it’s entirety here:


1. “Folgers Crystals” (by artist J. Cole)
2. “Night Job” (feat. J. Cole) (by artist Bas)
3. “Backseat” (feat. Cozz) (by artist Ari Lennox)
4. “Caged Bird” (feat. Omen) (by artist J. Cole)
5. “48 Laws” (feat. Donnie Trumpet) (by artist Omen)
6. “Housewives”  (by artist Bas)
7. “Tabs” (feat. Bas) (By Cozz)
8. “Still Slummin'” (By lute)
9. “Grow” (feat. Correy C) (by artist Cozz)

Dreamville – “Revenge of The Dreamers II” <- iTunes download


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