Honestly, this has to be the question on everybody’s mind lately… Are Detroit rapper Big Sean and West Coast singer Jhene Aiko (who is married to Dot Da Genius, last we heard but annulments of marriages also happen so we don’t know) secretly dating??

After a few years really of speculating, flirting, and just undeniable chemistry between the two frequent collaborators, since the two have created this group, TWENTY88, and made an entirely sex-driven album — How are we NOT to presume there is something going on. On top of that, this week the duo performed their TWENTY88 track “On The Way” for the first time on the “Late Late Show with James Corden,” and if the flirting wasn’t enough, peep these backstage photos before their performance that had us raising our eyebrows.


Call us crazy, but a ‘married’ woman sitting on another man’s lap who ISN’T her husband. Something simply doesn’t add up.

Gossip sites have spread the idea that Jhene is maybe no longer married after checking Dot Da Genius’ Instagram and noticing he removed the marriage announcement post & any traces of Jhene. Maybe there’s trouble in paradise. Or maybe this is all just a big PR stunt to sell more records??


But if you really think this rumor is just that, we have to stress that the chemistry has been ongoing, and you cannot fake the real. Also prior to their late night performance Sean posted to his SnapChat a few videos that feature Jhene where he refers to the Souled Out singeras “lil baby,” and Jhene nearly called him “Daddy.”

We’re not insinuating that they’re an item, but it’s real possible with these Blue’s Clues.

What do you think?