A few weeks earlier, rapper Childish Gambino posted a series of handwritten notes expressing his feelings & doubts that left many fans concerned that he was deeply depressed. During a recent interview with Juan Epstein, Bino talks in depth on emotional state, as well as his rumored girlfriend Jhene Aiko, and nature of their relationship.

After those Instagram posts were taken out of context, Gambino took to his twitter account to clear the air that he’s not depressed. However, during the interview with Juan Epstein’s podcast Monday night (Nov 4th) Gambino admitted that at times he feels a bit lost, and that many other people feel the same way, but just don’t express it.

“I’m just lost, man…Absolutely,” said the rapper when asked if he’s at all depressed. “But I don’t think mine is more important than—I feel like everyone else feels the exact same way…I don’t think we’re really doing or connecting with people.”

Speaking further on his Instagram posts, Gambino spoke on the need for individuals to only fix the problem themselves.

“With the Instagram stuff I was a little mad cause like everybody was just trying to make me into something—like trying to close it up,” he said. “Everybody was being like ‘Oh here. This is okay. Like you’re fine. Not a crisis. Here, take these pills you’ll feel—‘ Like everybody was trying to fix it and I don’t like, I didn’t like—like fix how I feel. That’s the thing, I don’t think it was, but it went places. I posted some letters on Instagram that I wrote after a show and then people were like ‘Donald’s depressed or suicidal’…The people don’t want to be vulnerable. And that’s the thing, that’s just me. I was like ‘Man, I’m insecure. I know me. I’m just gonna let it out.’”

Later in the hour-long podcast, Donald talked about his relationship with fellow artist Jhene Aiko. When asked if he had ever been intimate with Jhene, Gambino answered with flat a “no”. He also had this to say about the singer:

“And this is kinda why like I love her. I think she’s special. She doesn’t need anyone. Like that’s the thing. Even if we were together, she wouldn’t really belong to me. She doesn’t belong to anything and I would know that. And that’s the thing, I’ve never had to deal with that…She’s off in her own world. I remember I was talking to her about music and we were just talking and chilling and she was like, ‘I make songs. I just write songs and I make music. That’s it.’”

Listen to the entire interview below:

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