From the time Mrs. Beyonce Carter gave birth to her beautiful baby girl Blue Ivy more than a year ago, she’s been working non-stop making fashion & TV appearances such as the half time show at this past Super Bowl and last week’s MET Gala, going on a nationwide & international tour, recording a new album, and more all while still managing being a mother and a wife. She’s got so much going on as it is and so much to come & with rumors of pregnancy floating around it’s no shock she canceled a show to get some rest.

This past Tuesday, Beyonce was advised by her doctor to cancel her show in Antwerp, Belgium due to health concerns of “dehydration and exhaustion”. The media has been hyping rumors that she’s pregnant again from the smallest belly bulge seen in a few photos. We don’t believe you though – you need more people.


Wednesday night, in the same arena as the night before, Bey returned to the stage & during her show, she spoke intimately to her fans about going against her doctor’s request and performing that night. “I just have to say, I feel so good to be on this stage. I have the best fans in the world. Now, my doctors told me not to perform tonight, but there was no way in the world. I just have to say that you all have given me so much inspiration and I just want to thank you guys.”


A few fans commented on her performance and they seemed genuinely concerned. One fan said “Beyonce wasn’t her usual self and started out very weakly. A couple of songs into the concert, Beyonce  started performing a little bit better and seemed to have more energy, but all in all the entire concert was a great disappointment.”


Bey, you need to have a few seats mama. You’re working too hard, you’re on the road all the time, and you’re body is tired. Take some time off.

Weariness can lead to a physical breakdown or worse, and if she is really pregnant, she’s not doing anything for her unborn child if she isn’t taking care of herself first and foremost. Wishing you the best – Get better King Bey.


Watch the video below on her apology to her fans for canceling the show from the previous night :

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