Yes! For an entire month Beyonce fans have been watching the Pepsi commercial where she dances against all her old selves with the audio for her new song “Grown Woman” plays in the background. In her Live For Now Pepsi commercial, the audio played served as a proclamation that now she has reached her best self yet and even though she’s older, she can still be the best that she can be. Real empowering.


This song fits right into her already long list of No. 1 songs just like “Girls (Run the World) & “Single Ladies”. Bey’s dropping heavy lines like in the song with lyrics like, “You really wanna know how I got it like that, cause I gotta cute face and my booty so fat”. There she go talking her sh*t.


Finally Beyonce has released the final song for  “Grown Woman” for the fans. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the album but til then, take a listen to the track below:


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