I never paid any mind to people saying that the government had chips installed in any electronic device so that they could keep tabs on whoever uses it, or that “Big Brother” was always watching. It all just seemed like another urban legend to make people paranoid. However, urban myths don’t actually happen. The National Security Administration began to collect vast phone records of select Verizon customers in order to stop multiple terrorist attacks.

On Wednesday, the national newspaper The Guardian released a copy of a classified court order requiring Verizon to turn over records of all domestic phone calls to the National Security Agency. The news has led to a debate over the legality and merits of the government having such surveillance of Americans. The order, marked “Top Secret” [and issued by the U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court] instructs Verizon, to hand over data including all calling records on an “ongoing, daily basis.” NSA and other officials are trying to defend this order, stating that “does not allow the government to listen in on anyone’s telephone calls”.

Senators have lobbied for President Obama to “explain to the American people why the administration considers this a critical tool in protecting our nation from the threats of a terrorist attack.” Such information has been “a critical tool in protecting the nation from terrorist threats,” the senior Obama administration official said. “.. [It] allows counterterrorism personnel to discover whether known or suspected terrorists have been in contact with other persons who may be engaged in terrorist activities, particularly people located inside the United States.”

There’s no report on how long this order has actually been in use but ‘.. It’s gone on for some 7 years..” according to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. What we do know is that the expiration for this order of calling records of these select Verizon users is July 19, 2013.

There’s no tally count on how many terrorist attack have been prevented because of this order or detail on when the order was put into motion so right now, I feel a tad bit violated. Americans have their rights & it’s a long list but isn’t it an obvious right to have privacy? Our cellphones are apart of our lives at every part of our days. We use our phones for everything – Instagram, Twitter, texts & phone calls, emails, general web surfing, navigation, etc. It’s a sneaky, corrupt act that I don’t support.

For those readers that have more questions or would like more information on this order, please visit this site & feed your mind with knowledge: Washington Post Talks About the NSA’s Spying

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