With his third studio album slated for release later this year, Detroit rapper Big Sean spoke briefly on his first two albums during a recent interview with XXL magazine.
The “IDFWU” lyricist admitted to releasing his previous albums although they each had their flaws, but expressed optimism at the idea of one day releasing a “perfect album.”

But the key comment in Sean’s interview was his comment on the lack of good Hip Hop/ Rap music. But instead of pointing blame, he shared that it’s his also apart of his responsibility to release good rap music for the genre and its fans.

“I feel like there are flaws on the first album [and] flaws on the second album,” Big Sean said. “I don’t know if I’ll ever drop an album that doesn’t have any flaws…I probably will drop a perfect album one day. I’m going to master that…There’s not a lot of good rap music out there. So I really feel like there’s big responsibility for me to make good rap music, because there are only a few people that make it. I’m a beast out here. I’m not going to front. When it comes to this rap shit, you really got to be on a high level to fuck with me.”

As part of his feature story in XXL’s Winter 2014 issue, the G.O.O.D. Music lyricist recalled meeting Kanye West at a Detroit radio studio as the rapper was promoting his “Late Registration” album. According to Big Sean, he was granted 16 bars by Ye, but ended up free-styling for 10 extraordinary minutes.

“He didn’t have a lot of time, so he wasn’t trying to hear it at first. But he opened his ears and he opened his heart and listened,” the rapper said.

Another F.Y.I. (For Ye Information), media sources claims that the G.O.O.D. Music headman will appear on Big Sean’s upcoming album but those details do remain scarce.


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