Although Bobby Shmurda just broke into the hip hop industry over the summer with his banger “Hot Nigga,” the Brooklyn artist is sounding off on social media for his record label falling short on their promises & checks.

According to, the Brooklyn, New York lyricist Bobby Shmurda uploaded a post on Instagram this week complaining about taking part in numerous shows and not being paid properly.

The Instagram post has since been deleted but the caption added to the post read:

“Nah idgaf I’m doing all theses show not getting ma money dey got me doing shit every fucking day so its hard to keep up Witt dis shit den I ain’t got nobody to trust ain’t no help in dis bitch I’m ready to go back to da trap be4 jail #RNS dats how I feel foh.”

In addition to reportedly taking part in shows every day, Shmurda also served as the closing performer at the BET Hip Hop Awards, which aired Tuesday night, October 14th.

Aside from Shmurda’s now-deleted Instagram post, the rapper has not posted any other social media posts about not being paid.

Shortly following the release of Bobby Shmurda’s “Hot Nigga” music video, which has received over 25 million views on YouTube since it was uploaded in March, the rapper signed a record deal with Epic Records.


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