The Los Angeles County District Attorney is slated to clear Cee Lo of sexual assault charges. Cee Lo was accused by a woman who claimed Cee Lo put a n unknown substance in her beverage without her knowing before having they engaged in sexual relations.

While Cee Lo is set to be cleared of sexual assault charges, he is also scheduled to be charged with the felony of furnishing ecstasy, as reports told by TMZ.

The case stems from an evening out between Cee Lo and the accusing woman. She has claimed the two shared dinner before Cee Lo slipped ecstasy in her drink without her knowing. She says the two later had sexual relations. In the investigation of the case, authorities reportedly found that Cee Lo and the accuser had been dating for months prior to the alleged assault and that the two had been intimate in the past.

With that evidence alone, the case is set to be rejected as the accuser had insufficient evidence.

Cee Lo reportedly denied these allegations when they were presented to him. He also reportedly encouraged the District Attorney and the Los Angeles Police Department to investigate the matter. Law enforcement officials are reportedly set to charge Cee Lo with one count of the felony of furnishing ecstasy. His accuser said she had a tape recording of Cee Lo discussing ecstasy. The tape has been used to charge Cee Lo as it is being seen as a confession to drug use. It is possible he will be arraigned today (October 21).

TMZ notes most first-time offenders in a case like this usually get probation.

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