After videos surfaced on the web showing the grave damages done to the Philippines after the 100mph typhoon “Haiyan”, many viewers got to witness why it was crucial to lend a helping hand, and donate to help those millions of people in need.

Rapper The Game, Diddy and his children are two celebrities that came forward to donate & help the typhoon survivors donating thousands of dollars, and canned goods.

According to AllHipHop, Game partnered with actor/professional poker player Dan Bilzerian, as apart of his “The Robin Hood Project,” to donate $10,000 in relief funds. He took to Instagram on Friday to caption a statement on his involvement.

“I know many of you might’ve heard about the typhoon in the Philippines by now where their death total continues to rise daily and is now roughly about 2,500 bodies found dead with an expected 100-150 more daily says their President Benigno Aquino,” Game said on the social media site. “This hurts my heart knowing that many of those amongst the dead are little children. Every now & again there is a tragedy that strikes somewhere around the world as the previous Thailand Tsunsmi, Haiti Earthquake & the most vicious here in the states “HURRICANE KATRINA”….. It is in these times where we as people of this world get the opportunity to unite with one another & give back, help aid, lend a hand, donate or just send prayers……. Well I am one of those people, so on behalf of @therobinhoodproject & my charitable partner @DanBilzerian we are donating $10,000 to help aid in the relief efforts to restore whatever possible in such a horrific natural disaster. My heart goes out to the families & friends of those who perished for only God knows I could not deal with the loss of any of mine. If there’s anyone out there who would like to donate anything…. UNICEF.org/Philippines or REDcross.org & to directly help the families go to www.worldvision.org/Haiyan now !!! I am sure they would appreciate any sum of money donated. Thanks for your help & follow @therobinhoodproject NOW as well as hashtag us at #TheRobinHoodProject to tell us about/keep up with other stories. Thank you – The Game”

The entire Diddy clan also donated after hearing the stories of the victims of the horrible storm. Diddy’s children – Quincy, Christian, and twins Jessie James and D’Lila Star – were all so touched that they decided to organize & send boxes of their clothes, blankets, and non-perishable canned goods to help those in need (as pictured below).


The catastrophic storm has claimed thus far 3,621 lives, with 12,165 injured and 1,140 who have been determined missing. Many others are still sick, homeless and without food.

The Watch This team is praying for those families worldwide affected by this disaster, and all the best wishes for an all around recovery for the Philippines.

You can watch some of the unbelievable videos of the Haiyan typhoon below:

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