Chief Keef

More Chief Keef problems..

Chief Keef was served with a lawsuit from a Washington, D.C.-based concert promotion company called Team Major. The company is suing Keef for failing to show up for a scheduled show in December. The lawsuit states that Chief Keef is to pay more than $230,000 for his absence.

Team Major says that Chief Keef’s absence cost them over $75,000, including the advance they’d already paid him. Keef never responded to Team Major’s lawsuit and after four months of silence, a judge ruled in favor of the promotional company, awarding them $230,019 for damages, loss of earnings and reputational harm, according to TMZ and official court documents.

“Around that time, we was dealing with some legal issues, and it wasn’t, according to his lawyer, the best idea for him to be leaving the country,” a spokesman for Keef’s management team told Complex. “We’ll see to it that it gets resolved properly.”

Keef never gave advance notice for his no-show, forcing the company to issue refunds.

This incident adds to the laundry list of Keef’s recent legal, no-show and financial problems. He was reportedly a no-show for an appearance on 106 & Park and also didn’t show up for his own video for the song “Hate Being Sober,” leaving 50 Cent and Wiz Khalifa out in the desert alone.

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