Chief Keef can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to the law. Not only has he been in & out of jail more than three times in less than a month but he’s also been served with two pending paternity suits in less than six months.

Since his release from juvenile detention in March 2013, Keef has been in numerous situations with the law such as being arrested for smoking marijuana in an Atlanta hotel last month. On Monday, it was reported that Chicago, Illinois rapper Chief Keef was arrested immediately following a court sentencing related to another arrest last month for speeding. The rapper’s lawyer claimed that the arrest was related to a trespassing charge, as details were still pending when Keef was taken into custody. has confirmed that he was in fact charged with trespassing, & that Keef was served with a paternity test as he entered the courthouse earlier on in the day. Moments later, the judge would serve Keef with a $531 fine, 60 hours of community service and 18 months of probation for last month’s arrest. (Watch the video below of the arrest.)

Moments later as Keef tried to leave the courthouse, he was stopped by Illinois officers & arrested on site.

Details on this new paternity suit are still unknown but this is the second time a young female has come forward accusing the rapper of fathering her child. While incarcerated this past January, Chief Keef, was served with a paternity suit by a junior high-school student in Chicago, who claimed, as an 8th grader, the rapper fathered her daughter.

This kid is starting off on such an uneasy foot. He could have such a promising career but his image is painted in trouble. Do y’all think Chief Keef can straighten out his image & stay out of legal problems? Comment below.

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