As if we don’t have enough to love & hate Chris Brown for, he seems to always do some new, crazy shit for us to talk about. LOL

The R&B sensation shaved majority of the back side of his head for a massive head tattoo that he debuted via social media:

During a day off from his “One Hell of a Nite” tour, Breezy shaved some of his hair to make room for the new tat, which appears to be the ancient Greek statue Venus de Milo, who can also be seen on the cover of Jay Z’s album “Magna Carta… Holy Grail.”

The statue is believed to depict Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty.

Breezy documented the process on Instagram before deleting it. “#onehellofanight #legendarynights #OHB do what want and if u aint wit the bandwagon u will be soon #KEEPIT💯,” he wrote.

This new piece is just one of the many in Brown’s collection of body art, which covers his neck, arms, chest, and back. Remember when he was really ink-less? (We can’t – it’s been that long.)

I do what the fuck I want! #rockstar #500 #onehellofanight #legendarynights @iamkingrico

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Here’s the finished tattoo, with an addition of a bull on the left side of earlier shot.

But peep them nails though!

Those have to be the prettiest man nails I’ve ever seen! We cannot deny that Brown, as a wealthy star of his caliber, would indulge in some manicures here & there, but those nails are DONE honey.

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