Ciara got personal during her visit to “CBS This Morning” on Wednesday morning, answering the burning question on everyone’s mind — You just gonna let Future talk about you & your parenting? No rebuttal!?. Nope, CiCi kept it classy & composed. She has been publicly criticized for allowing her son with ex- Future, Future Zahir, spend time with her new boyfriend, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.

“You never do that in our community,”
Future strongly said in an interview with “The Breakfast Club” last month. “You don’t even bring a man around your son. You only know this dude for a few months and you’re bringing him around your kid? Who does that? Nobody does that.”

Ciara has finally fired back at Future & everyone else. People must have forgotten that Future has multiple children, with multiple women. Ciara fired back at her critics, and revealed that at one point in her young relationship with the “DS2” rapper, Ciara took care of Future’s, not 3, but FOUR kids when they were together.

“It’s been very interesting to hear what a lot of guys have had to say,” she told CBS anchor Gayle King. “And I feel like in a sense it’s a bit of a double standard because at one point in time when we were together, I took care of his kids as well.”

She doesn’t understand why people have been so quick to judge. “Wouldn’t you want someone to love on the child, and more than anything, it is a child we’re talking about,” she added. “That’s the thing people have to think about—remove the adult from the situation. This is my child here and that’s serious.”

The interesting part during the interview was when Ciara revealed she reached out to Future hoping to discuss the obvious elephant in the room, but he didn’t want to talk. “I don’t know what more they would expect me to do than just live my life, and that’s what I’m doing.”

In my opinion (a woman’s opinion), Ciara brought a moral, responsible, and true man around her son & not some drug user, or gang-banger. Future is still the parent and that will never change. Russell is only doing his duty as a boyfriend & a God-fearing man to love his woman & anything that comes with her, whole-heartedly. (Some men need to take notes.)


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