According to TMZ, an official police investigation was launched following recent claims made against rapper Drake from a Houston, Texas stripper who goes by the name Jhonni Blaze.

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The woman who made the claims, Jhonni Blaze, shared that Drake began “angrily” texting her after the two had sexual relations with one another. TMZ goes on to report that Blaze said Drake ‘put a price on her head’ and sent his people after her to ensure that she wouldn’t speak on her encounter with the Young Money singer/rapper.

Blaze revealed that those sent to her home banged on her door and threatened to kill her. She reportedly went to authorities about the matter, but has yet to press charges against anyone.

Additionally, the Houston, Texas police department has the person in their investigation listed as a “possible celebrity.” Neither Drake or anyone else is currently listed by name.

Sources close to Drake informed TMZ that Jhonni Blaze’s claims are untrue and she’s selling lies.

Jhonni Blaze has since commented on the investigation she was said to have spurred against Drake and is doing a full 180, saying Drake did not send people after her.

“I would never talk about nobody and I don’t have nothing bad to say about Drake,” she said during an interview with the Madd Hatta Morning Show. “I never called the police on Aubrey [Drake’s given name]. I actually called the police because my friend came home and she said that some guys said that they were looking for me. So, I documented that for my protection and for some odd reason people were calling me looney.”

“I did what was right as a woman and just filed a police report for my safety, in case something happened to me,” Blaze said, according to Music Times. “I apologize to the whole staff and whoever works with Drake. I apologize from my heart.


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