Floyd Mayweather & Miss Jackson

There’s been speculation that champion boxer Floyd “Money” Mayweather & fiancé Miss Jackson have called off the engagement & ended their relationship. This time last year, Floyd was in prison so he couldn’t be there to physically celebrate Shantel’s birthday (Miss Jackson’s real name) but he did make his presence felt by sending millions of dollars worth of diamond jewelry, high end clothing & bags, and a $30,000 cake shaped like a Balenciaga bag. Seems nice right?

Unfortunately, this year Miss Jackson was seen riding solo to celebrate her birthday with no Money Mayweather in sight. She spent her special day partying at XEN Lounge in North Hollywood with stars like Akon, Teyana Taylor and Tamala Jones.

According to the rumor mill, Floyd called off his engagement a few months ago. No one has confirmed if officially with an announcement but they’re both doing a great job publicizing their breakup through social media subliminals! Miss Jackson showed off her ring finger with a few selfies via Instagram which is now millions of dollars poorer as the blinged out ring is no long there.

But the cremé de la cremé of this breakup is the spite! While Miss Jackson is announcing her new found single-dom, Floyd is gearing up to clear out her section of the closet in his mansion by selling her clothes, bags, and shoes on Instagram. Miss Jackson has never shied away from bragging about all the lavish things Floyd has given her during their relationship, and is known for having a large collection of high end pieces inside the home they shared.

Who’s to say if this is a real spiteful move or not, (although it seems so spiteful. Girls pack up their ex’s things & leave it in a box or burn it, but Floyd just took it to a higher level by selling it to the highest bidder smh.) because Floyd made it seem like a business venture between both him & Miss Jackson when he promoted the items on sale, he @’d her. “This new venture is by both me and @MissJackson. Coming soon,” 

This could get messy y’all. Nonetheless, this could be a big come-up for the ladies so catch what’s for sale (in case you have a few dollars for some very high-end hand-me-downs) below:

Floyd-Mayweather-selling-exes-bags-on-Instagram Miss-Jacksons-shoe-closet Floyd-Mayweather-selling-Exes-Clothes-on-Instagram-NecoleBitchie

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