Very somber news today out of Nevada as news reports broke that former NBA baller, and ex-husband to reality starlet Khloe Kardashian, Lamar Odom was found unconscious & unresponsive at Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch in Nevada this past weekend.

During a 3-day stay at the renowned brothel, former baller Lamar Odom engaged in lots of promiscuous fun, partying with many girls, taking several OTC herbal supplements/ stimulants before suddenly falling into unconsciousness on the 3rd day of his stay.

According to people at the brothel, Lamar was there by himself, just looking to have a good time. Witnesses say he was tossing back many supplements — 10 at a time. The FDA says those OTC sex pills are indeed dangerous, and have advised consumers to throw them away IMMEDIATELY. The FDA determined Reload contained sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra. The label does not reveal the presence of that ingredient, which is normally restricted to prescriptions monitored by a doctor. The FDA says sildenafil can “lower blood pressure to dangerous levels.”

As if we all didn’t know about Lamar’s previous stints with crack/cocaine & other factors that added to his drug-laced history (his father being a former crack fiend, & a best-friend who recently passed due to drug overdose), Lamar is going thru a deep depression and trying to drug away his pains.

Lamar Odom reportedly spent a fortune for his ‘get-away love weekend’ — spending a hefty $75,000 at the Love Ranch South in just over 3 days.
Sources at the Ranch tell us, Ranch employees picked Lamar up and chauffeured him from his Vegas home to the ranch, 70 miles away. When Odom got there he faced a lineup, consisting of the working girls from which he had the pick of the litter. He chose 2 girls who were at his beck and call the entire stay. Lamar had the VIP suite and with room, board and girls.


Tuesday afternoon, Lamar was found unresponsive by one of those two ladies. Richard Hunter, media director of Love Ranch South, tells TMZ one of the women who found Lamar Tuesday afternoon unconscious in his room came running down the hall, screaming for him. Hunter says when he saw Lamar, he immediately called 911.

The dispatcher asked if Lamar had done drugs or consumed alcohol. Hunter says one of the girls said Lamar had consumed cognac and had taken a “shitload” of an herbal substitute for Viagra. When pressed, she said he took around 10 in the 3 days he was there.

Hunter then said he pressed her to see if Lamar had done any drugs, and the woman said he admitted to having taken “a small amount of cocaine” before he arrived on Saturday. Hunter says he conveyed that information to the dispatcher. Hunter tells us there was no evidence of drugs in the room, but he acknowledges Lamar was by himself for hours and the people who run the place do not search people for drugs.

Once paramedics arrived, Lamar was rushed to the nearest hospital where he received several MRI’s which determined Odom suffered multiple strokes. It’s unclear if brain damage resulted from the strokes. Reports also state that Lamar is on a 3-5 hour dialysis for kidney failure.

Sources continue to say Lamar remains unconscious and unresponsive.

While Lamar Odom’s condition is labeled as critical, there is still no word on if it will get worse. Doctors are now telling the family the longer he remains in the condition he’s in the less likely it is that he will recover.

Sources tell TMZ, Lamar did indeed squeeze ex-wife Khloe Kardashian’s hand Wednesday night, which gave everyone hope, but Thursday morning doctors are saying it well could have been an involuntary movement.

As of Thursday morning, our sources say Lamar has shown no signs of consciousness or improvement. Many organs continue to fail, and according to TMZ sources, doctors have been clear the fact that Lamar is not getting better significantly reduces his chances of survival.

Ex-wife Khloe Kardashian has rushed to be by Lamar’s side, and has since not left. Family members Kim, Kourtney, Kylie, and momager Kris (below) all made a rush private flight to Nevada to be at Lamar’s bedside as well. Reports do state however that while the family has come to visit, Khloe has NOT left Lamar’s bedside.


Khloe also reached out to Lamar’s father, Joe Odom, and his two children from his first marriage, paying for their flights so that they could also be there in this dire time.


We are all hoping for Lamar’s speedy & healthy recovery.


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