Atlanta rapper, Gucci Mane signed Chicago rapper Chief Keef to his Brick Squad label more than a month ago & since then, Keef has been involved in two legal problems. Gucci Mane has had his share of legal problems after being in & out of prison, probation violations, etc. Since signing this young rapper, it appears Gucci is trying to guide Chief Keef and ensure that he doesn’t choose to follow his path and instead learns from his past mistakes.

During an on-air interview with Power 107.5, Gucci gave an in depth look into how he feels about his past regrets and speaking to Chief Keef and other young men like him. “I take responsibility for some of that bad stigma that comes from me. A lot of the things I have done, I regret. And a lot of it [I warranted]. A lot of it, it be false claims,” Gucci revealed. “Media take it and make they own assumptions.. A lot of things don’t have a lot of truth in them.. My advice would be to him [Chief Keef], and any other young guy, is to learn from.. try not to do the same thing that I did.”

Gucci also spoke on how he’s mentoring young adults similar to Keef. He spoke on how younger groups want to hear from  someone who “made it” as opposed to their own teachers and/ or parents. “I feel like I can tell my story to anyone who wanna hear it,” he said. “Kids don’t usually like listening to their teachers. They wanna hear from somebody they feel likes in the streets or in the know. Got to say something. That’s the only reason I speak…I try and tell ‘em some positive.”

Online sites were all a disarray after a picture of Gucci speaking to elementary students went viral. People couldn’t understand what he was doing in an elementary school and what he could possibly be telling the kids. Although Gucci isn’t the utmost stand up citizen, the children are our future and they need guidance from people that have it to give. It seems Gucci has turned over a new leaf in his own life and now taking troubled young rapper Chief Keef under his wing – he just wants to help.

Good for you Gucc’.


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