Gun Control is a Joke


It may not be news to you, but it will be when I say it. ;

In wake of the recent massacre of innocent children of Sandy Hooks elementary school, the media has been calling for “gun control” laws from politicians. Hip-Hop’s own Russell Simmons has taken to twitter with his outrage and demands that the “Assault Weapons Ban” instituted by Bill Clinton and recently expired in 2004 to be re-instated by current president Barack Obama. The Assault Weapons Ban enforced that no one other than a police officer can possess a firearm with the a capacity of more than 10 rounds. On print, this is the ideal law that will keep our children and our surroundings safe. In all actuality it does nothing for the working class people.

What we should be focusing on is the introduction of guns into these communities. Laws that get passed for the criminalization of owning weapons only effect the working class. Look around, we all know a few people who own guns, its a constitutional right. We all have a right to defend ourselves and our homes. This is not to be confused with random gun violence that I am in no way defending. How many CEOs and Bankers do you think own guns? All of them. With the implementation of these laws, who do you think will go to jail for these guns? The working class.

How long can we allow media and propaganda to sell our community into slavery? How many of our rights need to be taken away? The criminalization of our people is not going to make the world a safer place. People are going to find ways to arm themselves and use it if they have to or feel the need. The government pushes these weapons into our communities and then turns around to jail us for them. What is even more sad are the people buying into this propaganda and media brainwashing. Take the time out and look at who’s really being affected.

RIP to all of the victims of gun violence.

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