HOW TO: Date Ideas


It may not be news to you, but it will be when I say it.

Following up on my How To Side-Piece Proof your Relationship , it should be noted that going out on dates is very important. You must be seen with your lover in public.  If, however, that is not the case and you are just looking for fun date ideas then here they are. These suggestions are for the folks who have ran out of ideas or are just simply tired of Chinese food and Netflix.

5a. Picnics (Warm Weather)

On a nice day, take your mate out into a scenic park for a picnic. You will need a Basket/Container to hold items in, a blanket to sit, food and beverages. That’s it. Yes it is really that simple. Take this time out to get to know more about your mate, what kind of music they like, what sports they are into, what their last name is. It’s all about the simple things. In this technology era your cellphone can be used for mood music as well as cool games to play. If you are into literature then this is the perfect time to break out a good book and read to your partner.

5b. Indoor Rock Climbing (Cold Weather)

When the weather does not permit you to be outside, why not work up a sweat indoors with your clothes on? Rock climbing provides great exercise for you and your partner as well as a test of strengths. Here you can see what your partner is capable of when it comes to muscle. As you climb to the top of that rock, make it a fun game and friendly competition. Place a wager: loser pays or winner gets a massage. Have fun with this one.

4. Pottery Painting

For the artistic folks, even those of you who have no color coordination at all, pottery painting provides the time and creativity that you may be looking for in your partner. This way you can test the decision making skills of your relationship. If you can’t agree on what color the pot should be, or even willing to make a compromise, this is a sign for decisions to come. Not only is this a good time, but you also leave with a souvenir of a wonderful date.

3. Ice Skating/Rollerblading

Admit it, you have always loved rollerblading/rollerskating but just never got around to doing it. No? Well there’s no time like the present to start. This fun adventure is filled with “falling down” laughter. This is a way to support your mate and work as a team for smooth sailing. If the both of you are horrible skaters, this is a wonderful opportunity to learn from one another. If the the both of you are wonderful skaters, here is the time to show the surrounding skaters your union and make then green with envy.

2. Cooking Classes

Everyone loves food, but not everyone knows how to cook. Cooking classes can be achieved in different ways. It can be formal where a venue is found and a chef is in charge or informal where it’s just you, your mate, a kitchen and google. This allows you to see where your partner’s strengths are in the kitchen and sneak kisses in between chopping vegetables. When the meal is created, so is a lasting memory of a great date that provided great food.

1. Create-A-Date

Create your own date. Write down things you and your partner love doing and put them into a hat. Take out three of the slips and take a vote. A date is what you make it, but please make it a date. There’s but so long that your television and take-out can suffice.

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