Saturday night inside the skating rink at Bryant Park, chaos hit when shots rang out injuring 2 young boys. The shooting began over a jacket, according to reports.

A $650 Marmot coat known as a “Biggie” apparently started the shooting when 16-year-old Corey Dunton wanted it from Javier Contreras. Dunton approached 20-year-old Contreras and said “I want that jacket”.

When Contreras did not hand over his jacket, Dunton left the rink, and shortly after returned with a gun. Shots rang out, and Dunton fled the scene leaving the injured. According to police, Dunton opened fire, hitting both Contreras and a 14-year-old bystander. The injured are expected to be ok, but the 14-year-old was shot in his lower back and his family fears he will become paralyzed & may never walk again.

The shooter took to his social media Facebook where he spoke of his plans to stir up trouble inside the NYC attraction Friday night. Dunton left all his plans, and completely led the police to him as he posted several updates to his Facebook account. Police arrested & charged the Bronx teenager with attempted murder and several other charges Sunday after he left a stunning Facebook confession and suicide threat for the Saturday night melee that wounded two carefree skaters.

After an hour-long standoff at his apartment building while the alleged gangbanger was posting to his Facebook page from a mobile device — essentially admitting that he took a showdown over a pricey jacket way too far.

“We have seen this all before,” the outgoing police commissioner, Raymond Kelly, says. “There is an incident over something. A gun comes out, and a shooting is back on the front page of the newspapers.”

So sad. It’s never that serious to hurt, or possibly kill another over material items. Sneakers, jeans, coats, electronics — like come on! The youth in the city have access to these weapons, and go crazy on the streets injuring/killing so many innocent lives. This HAS to stop.

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