J.R. Smith has finally got his game together and is back to hitting his shots and long distance jumpers after a win against the Indiana Pacers a few nights back in Game 5 of this season’s Playoffs.

There have been numerous reports that J.R. has been clubbing every night of the Playoffs and spending time in these clubs with Bajan pop princess, Rihanna. Both parties were silent and didn’t comment on the rumors of a budding relationship until of late when some shots were aired via Instagram.

We reported earlier that Rihanna dissed J.R. via her Instagram when a follower tried to blame Rihanna for his poor basketball performance. After calling J.R. “desert thirsty” and calling the NY Knicks a “wack ass team”, it was confirmed that these two were not romantically involved and it was indeed the Knicks’ player that was destroying his own self on the court being “hungover after clubbing every night”.

After being put on blast by Rihanna, Smith recovered in last night’s game putting up 13 points on 4-11 shooting.  The NY Post asked him about Rih’s comments on being hungover, and he responded, “I’m not worried about Instagram, I’m worried about the playoffs.” He later posted on his own Instagram a “meme” of the memory eraser from the movie “Men in Black” trying to prove how much he doesn’t care about the post and how everyone else shouldn’t care either.


Is J.R. just trying to protect his player image after Rihanna publicly embarassed him? Comment below.

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