Rihanna's Diamonds World Tour After Party


J.R. Smith has been on top of his game this Basketball season. He left behind his old ways of non stop groupie loving and club hopping to focus on his game and helping his team succeed. His dedication paid off as this has been his best season on record, and was awarded with Sixth Man of the Year honors. Unfortunately, his performance has been slacking and maybe an island beauty is the one to blame..


This past week J.R. Smith was seen out at Greenhouse nightclub [following Game 2 against the Indiana Pacers, resulting in a win: 79-105] in support of Pop songstress Rihanna’s MAC Lipstick release party. Rihanna’s new “RiRiWoo” red lip has been flying off the online  and in store shelves and needless to say girls are losing all chill to have another piece of Rih’s look.

J.R. took to his to Twitter showing all his followers how much fun he was having in the club just a few nights ago, immediately following Game 1 of the New York Knicks versus Indiana Pacers. His shortcomings played a huge role in the loss the Knicks left with after game 1 against the Pacers so comments flew — beginning with blaming his missed shots and poor focus during the game on his heavy drinking, and long nights in clubs.



Rihanna & J.R. have been rumored to have “dated” or f-cked – however you wanna word it, they’ve had it.  Spotted hanging out twice within the week, once at Greenhouse and again at Jay-Z’s 40/40 club Saturday night, it seems like something’s taking place.

Rihanna has a way charming these dudes (ex. Chris Brown, Matt Kemp, Drake, Meek Mill).. Could it be J.R.’s just having fun and celebrating his success or is Rihanna the one to blame?

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