“Warning: Please be very afraid of the music we’re working on. OVO x ROCNATION”


This was the message that came attached to the picture of rappers Jay-Z & Drake. Jay-Z has been taking photos with all the artists and putting them online as a backstage preview to the music that they’re working on together. He used this tactic when he released his controversial track “Open Letter” where a coinciding picture of Hova himself, Swizz Beatz, Trey Songz & Timbaland was posted online for the viewers to see.

This time he’s photographed with Drake and the warning is self explanatory.


Jay-Z and Drake have maintained a good business relationship over the years. They’ve worked together on several singles such as “Light Up” (Thank Me Later) & “Off That” (Blueprint 3).

There’s no official word on where the new music coming from the two will end up. Drake’s album is scheduled to be be released August 27th but Jay-Z has also been releasing a lot of new music so it could be possible that Hova has an album coming out himself. Until the official information is released, we’re just excited for the hits they’re going to produce.



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