Everyone who’s anyone is very familiar with the drunken storming of the stage from Chi-town rapper Kanye West during Taylor Swift’s 2009 acceptance for “Best Video Of The Year”. Kanye was noticeably drunk after walking up & down the red carpet toting a bottle of Hennessy. As the night grew older, the contents of the bottle grew smaller, and Kanye grew more belligerent.

It’s been almost four years since Yeezy hopped on stage on some Lil’ Mama sh-t and ruined one of Taylor Swift’s biggest moments in her career, but with this year’s MTV VMA show less than a month away, a mysterious secret tape has leaked of more of Kanye’s rant.

Now, more audio from that night has leaked of what is clearly a drunk, angry Kanye ranting about Taylor Swift winning while saying, “Taylor Swift can not beat Beyonce as long as I’m alive!”  He also talks about his mom dying because of the “fame sh-t,” says he was pissed that he wasn’t asked to perform “Heartless” but Pink performed twice–including a track that he had never heard –and he gives props to Eminem for winning Best Hip Hop song the year prior.

While listening to the audio, you’ll learn that Kanye took an entire month to write his “Run This Town” verse and two days to rewrite his verse on Drake’s “Forever,” after he heard Eminem’s verse.  A random tidbit but it definitely shows his dedication to perfection.

Kanye West, Amber Rose(Kanye West & ex-girlfriend Amber Rose at the 2009 MTV VMA Show. Kanye is seen throughout the night with a large bottle of Hennessy which explains his Taylor Swift interjection & entire behavior. Blame it on the alcohol! Amber looking good though..)

Take a listen below for every slurred yell Ye’ pelts out:

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