If you watched Kendrick Lamar’s video for his popular single “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe”, then you saw towards the end of the video the message  “Death to Molly”. The entire video depicts a funeral but no face or body is seen. Kendrick Lamar recently sat down with Sway while attending the Hangout Festival in Alabama and spoke about the subtle message he was sending to his audience.

Many fans were curious as to what Kendrick was trying to relay through the funeral shots, burial, and “Death to Molly” message. Kendrick explains that although he like trends and the way they can change music, fashion, etc. but this recent molly epidemic is one trend that needs to die.

“I like trends. Sometimes there are trends that are not that cool. You have certain artists portraying molly, but aren’t living that lifestyle, and it gives off the wrong thing [impression]. It becomes corny after a while. It’s really about keeping hip-hop original and pushing the corniness away from it.”

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The excessive use of the word “molly” in rap verses is becoming a big problem as listeners really believe that this new drug is cool because of so many of their favorite artists using the reference and possibly using the drug. Kendrick continues to say that because of the use of the word is so popular, it’s “watering down” the music, and the culture of rap, and he think it’s about time to move on.


Kendrick Lamar has to be some kind of old school spirit in a young modern body because he’s so wise and mature beyond his time. It’s a beautiful thing to see a celebrity – especially a rap artist take a stand and make others think twice about the content they release when it comes to the topic of drugs. This molly thing is already out of hand but at least everyone is starting to notice and paying more attention.


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