When crack-crazy skinny actress Naya Rivera tried to Bash Kim Kardashian-West for her nude ass on the cover of Paper magazine”s Winter 2014 edition, some agreed and others pushed Naya’s comments to the wayside as just a hot platter of hate. But now, we have to admit … we kind of agree that maybe Kimmy took nudity a bit too far for the creative purpose of art.

Paper were mysteriously hinting at releasing more of the photos from the shoot with famous photographer Jean-Paul Goude. They released details on where the shoot took place, how it all went down, and why the photo-shoot was so successful.

According to reports obtained from TMZ, the pictures were taken during Paris Fashion Week in September when Kim, Kanye, and little North were in the city of lights.

The first cover featuring Kimmy’s extraordinary backside was supposed to “Break The Internet” was Paper magazine wrote and titled the issue but that picture will not break the internet as much as these new shots will completely SHUT SHIT DOWN!

Jean-Paul Goude and Kim reportedly linked creatively so much during the shoot that they both extended the shoot for more “art” and Kim made it clear after giving birth to North, she would lose the weight and flaunt her body in as many nude shoots she can before trying to get pregnant again.

… which she and Kanye also plan to do shortly.

These are the censored shots from Paper’s Instagram …

But this is the real, uncut deal. Kim bares it all and is not ashamed. Also — Kanye is not even the slightest bit upset. He thinks it artistic and reminding everyone just how hot & sexy his wife is.