Kim & Kanye

It seems Kim Kardashian is doubtful she has any loyal friends.

Since the birth of Kim Kardashian & Kanye West’s baby girl North June 17th, there’s been major curiousity as to what the baby looks like, who she favors more, and overall when will the couple debut their child to the public. Will they go the route Jay-Z & Beyonce went and hide their baby or will they sell the pictures to magazines like everyone expects a Kardashian to do anyway?

Well, we’ve got to wait some more time before North is seen. It appears Kim is unsure her friends would be loyal and respectful enough to see the baby or even pictures of the baby without trying to sell it to the media. Kim released pictures of an anonymous baby girl in hopes people would believe that it was North.

Kim answered her own question and proved that she does indeed have some shady friends when the pictures she leaked ended up at TMZ. The fool took the pictures to TMZ asking for payment. Reps at TMZ contacted their very reliable Kimye source where they later learned the baby was an imposter. A huge loss for the shady friend, a loss for Kim because who can she really trust, and a loss for TMZ as they got no exclusive.

It’s really a shame though that a 32 year old grown woman with such success isn’t able to tell whether she has a tight, closed circle of loyalty within her friends. Get it together Kim!

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