Kim Kardashian-West is putting her foot down when it comes to who hubby Kanye West is allowed to work in the studio with and thus far, Roc Nation signee Rita Ora is number one on that blacklist!


According to new reports, North’s parents are at odds as Kim demanded Kanye to not work with Rita due to past discrepancies between Rita and Kim’s little brother Rob, who had quite the messy breakup at the end of 2012. Kim thinks Rita is to blame for Rob’s depression as things took a turn for the wors after the public breakup so much so that Rob still hasn’t quite recovered.

“There is no way Kim will let Kanye anywhere near Rita,” a source close to Kim has said. However, Kanye isn’t really feeling the family-wide ban.

“Kanye thinks Rob needs to man up. He really believes that he could write a big hit with Rita and his ‘art’ always takes precedence,” the source said. “But so far Kim is winning this battle. She told him that a duet with Rita is a big no-no. He understands Kim’s wishes, and he’s going to let this go — for now. But Kanye has the perfect song already written and it’s tailor made for Rita.”

I mean, it’s not like Rita is all that great. Yeezy can do without her.

But Yeezy always does what he wants so stay tuned…