The New York Knicks’ lost their eighth straight game last night to the New Orleans Pelicans, and it appears as though their on court issues are also spilling over into the locker room.


During last week’s matchup against the Brooklyn Nets, NY Knicks leading man Carmelo Anthony got into a heated exchange with Tim Hardaway Jr. after the youngster shouted at Melo to ‘get the rebound.’ As if the Knicks season couldn’t get any more embarrassing.

According to Chris Broussard, Melo approached the sophomore player on his way down the court and asked him something along the lines of, “Who the fuck do you think you’re talking to.” Furthermore, sources also claim that Melo used more expletives as he threatened to beat up Hardaway Jr in the locker room after the game.

“Nobody’s taken a swing at anybody, but there’s a lot of arguing and cursing each other out after games,”
one source said.

Furthermore, sources claim the squad isn’t exactly buying into what first year head coach, Derek Fisher, is selling. All in all, it is a complete debacle in New York that not even Phil Jackson’s mystical powers can resolve.

“[The] Guys are definitely frustrated,” one source said. “But some of it’s just basketball stuff that the players don’t like doing. When somebody’s demanding that you make a hard cut, you don’t like it because you have to work harder. When someone says it’s not OK to throw a bulls— pass, guys don’t like it.”

“They almost want to see Fisher get upset during a game,”
one source said. “They want to know that their coach will go to battle with them, that he’ll fight for them. They’re not seeing any emotion out of him.”

Nothing ever came of these arguments except for more losses for the Knicks who are now riding an nine-game consecutive losses as they also faced the San Antonio Spurs Wednesday night, losing.


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