When rumors were going around that “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” cast members Benzino and fiancee Althea were cut from the upcoming season due to “indifference with cast” and Althea wanting a check it seemed believable after all the drama that occurred throughout the last season and the blow-out war between Joseline & everyone during the reunion. But now, there’s official news that those rumors are false! Benzino was FIRED from “L&HH” due to his uncontrollable anger after he made frequent death threats to other cast members.

According to TMZ reports Stevie J accused rapper Benzino of making death threats.

“Stevie J tells TMZ … Benzino wouldn’t let it go … he went on a campaign of terror, threatening the lives of him and Joseline, producers and other staffers,”
TMZ reports. “Stevie tells us, ‘He said flat out he was going to kill us.’ The threats were too much for VH1 and we’re told that’s why Benzino was banished.”

Headlines circulated in late October that Benzino and finance Althea Eaton had been fired from the VH1 show, citing all sorts of different reasons.

“According to various sources, including TMZ, a huge brawl broke out when Benzino began to poke fun of Stevie J and his alleged wife Joseline Hernandez’ use of drugs,”
HipHopDX reported in July. ”The insult ultimately led to several fights involving Benzino, Benzino’s fiancée Althea Heart, Stevie J, Joseline, Waka Flocka Flame’s mother and fiancée, and Mimi Faust, the mother of Stevie J’s daughter.”

Raymond “Benzino” Scott first appeared on VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” in 2012. After a season, Benzino openly voiced his distaste with the reality show and it’s affect on others, and even threatened to leave the show in 2013 stating on Twitter, “IM DONE WITH THIS LOVE AND HIP HOP , I CANT DO THIS NO MORE, MY CHARACTER & FRIENDSHIPS ARE WAY MORE IMPORTANT, this is horrible.”

Guess he got what he wanted …

Benzino has denied all these claims made against him though.