Lil' Scrappy

On Wednesday (May 29th), The Prince of the South aka rapper Lil’ Scrappy made a public announcement that it would be the best decision for himself and his family to check into a rehabilitation center.

Lil’ Scrappy was arrested for felony gun and marijuana possession in 2008, and received a three-year probation where he should not be drinking heavily or smoking illegal paraphernalia. Unfortunately,  he failed a drug test in March as officials say the urine sample was “cold” and disqualified. Scrappy was asked to provide another sample on which he refused. He turned himself into the courts a few days later, then, failed the final court-ordered drug test taken more than a month ago.

Scrappy addressed his hopes for the experience of rehab and what he thinks his future will contain after his treatment – “It is my hope that my time away from my family and especially my little girl, my daughter, will make me a better man,” said Scrappy, according to

Scrappy has admitted to being “addicted” or “dependent” on the drug marijuana so it’s our hopes here at Watch This that he seeks the help he needs to strengthen himself and his family. Good luck Prince!


*UPDATE* TMZ is reporting that Lil Scrappy has successfully entered rehab to kick his Marijuana habit. The rapper checked himself into a facility Thursday night, where he is expected to stay at least until his next hearing on June 16th.

The program will involve a 6:30AM wake up, 10PM curfew, as well as various therapy sessions (both group and one-on-one). Scrappy will also have no access to his cell phone or laptop, and no visitors within the first two weeks.

If Scrappy can make it through the detox, he should be able to avoid jail time for the probation violation.

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