And let the church say.. they don’t like this new Mase.

For those of you that forgot, Mase left the rap game at the peak of his success in the 90’s, stating he wanted to find God. He found God, and later married, became a pastor, and began to lead a congregation. Fast forward to now, and Mase is not standing on the pulpit spewing biblical quotes, but he’s turning up and bringing back to old ‘Murda Mase’ to the forefront.

The El Elyon International Church in Atlanta, Georgia says that their pastor is living a double life through his social accounts (ie. Instagram) and they do not approve.

So, the question now is how does a Pastor go from the scripture to the club?  Apparently things started to fall apart after those reported “secret” divorce preceedings between him and wife Twyla Betha — which he NEVER told his church about.  Members began to question how he could preach the virtues of marriage while secretly heading off to Divorce Court.


Then, his verse on “Tricky Situation” hit the web and the congregation began to wonder — does your pastor rap about banging women with husbands or fiancès? If you’re a member of El Elyon, your answer would be “YES.”

Now, TMZ is reporting that things are not well with the congregation and there’s talk of de-funding the church because of this questionable behavior.

Oh, this is a tricky situation indeed..

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