God shined down on Meek Mill — the Philly rapper has avoided another jail sentence!


After taking “Back 2 Back” L’s towards the end of 2015, (getting flamed by Drake in the first half of their beef and then getting burned by a judge for violating a 9 year old parole) Meek’s luck is looking up. He wisely bowed out to all the social media attacks from 50 Cent & his memes, signed up for college classes, released a more well-received and timely diss track in “War Pain,” and now, apparently the judge has stopped the jail sentence.

Meek Mill originally violated his probation for submitting water instead of urine for a urine test and leaving the state of Pennsylvania back in December. However, during sentencing today the judge was lenient after listening to prosecutors, character witnesses and Meek & Nicki Minaj themselves.

The judge gave the MMG rapper three months of house arrest, during which he’ll be required to wear an ankle monitor and can only leave the house to do social work (specifically with adults). He will not be able to record any music during that period of house arrest also. She also extended his probation another six years, which isn’t ideal for Meek but is better than being sent back to jail.

While on the stand Meek Mill seemed to understand the gravity of the situation, saying, “everything is riding on the line.”


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