Miguel is finer than fine and you would think he never makes a mistake but he slipped up during tonight’s performance on the Billboard Awards. During his set, Miguel tried to jump into the crowd or possibly over the crowd entirely, but messed up & kicked one fan in their head, landing on another fan’s head. He played it off the best way he could and continued to entertain the audience by singing his number #1 ballad “Adorn”. In the post-show, Miguel got a chance to speak to the fan, Khyati and luckily she was a just fine.

As smooth as Miguel is during his performance, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Miguel do swaggless things such as falling on or off stage. Two of his tour shows, in London & Houston, Miguel is videotaped falling off the stage and into the crowd whenever he gets “too” into his music. He’s passionate about his work and always brings that passion on stage for his fans. Unfortunately for Miguel, he gets overly excited and forgets the stage begins and ends at the same place.


If Miguel gets sued for this or his career fails someway, he could think about a career as a WWE wrestler after that leg drop.


Watch the videos below:


Miguel Falls Off Stage in Houston

Miguel falls off Stage in London



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