*Spoiler alert* This mixtape has 34 tracks. Chris was wildin’.

Chris Brown is another artist who shared some new music over the holiday weekend.

With his upcoming album “Royalty” coming out next month, Brown dropped this surprise mixtape on Black Friday with the ulterior motives of building anticipation. But 34 tracks Breezy??

The project features guest appearances by Rihanna, Fetty Wap, Wale and French Montana.

Check it out below:


Chris Brown – “Before The Party” [DOWNLOAD here]

1. Counterfeit (Ft. Rihanna, Wiz Khalifa & Kelly)
2. Go
3. Sex
4. Holy Angel
5. Pussy
6. Play Me
7. Gotta Get Up

8. All I Need (Ft. Wale)
9. Text Message (Ft. Tyga)
10. Red Lights
11. Just So You Know
12. Ghetto Tales
13. Come Home Tonight
14. The Breakup

15. Hell Of A Night (Ft. French Montana & Fetty Wap)
16. Freaky Shit
17. Beat It Up
18. Won’t Change
19. Here We Go Again
20. Fan (Freak At Night)
21. Swallow Me Down
22. Till The Morning
23. Right Now
24. Seasons Change

25. Roses Turn Blue
26. Second Hand Love
27. I Can’t Win
28. Matter
29. Lipstick On The Glass
30. Scared To Love You
31. Show Off
32. Desperado
33. Trust Me
34. 4 Seconds


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