Scottie Pippen

Over the weekend an overzealous fan was at the same restaurant as Scottie Pippen at Nobu in Malibu. Throughout the evenin, the fan continued to take photos of the Bulls legend while he was trying to enjoy a meal with his family.
Apparently after dinner, Pippen and the fan had an altercation in the parking lot as he was trying to get an autograph off the Hall Of Famer, which ended with Scottie punching and knocking the man unconscious. The fan was brought to the hospital to be treated for head wounds sustained from the punch & fall.

Police later questioned Pippen about the altercation as the fan wanted to press charges.

After questioning the former NBA player about hitting the man, police have decided at this time to not press charges as Pippen was only defending himself & his family. “Mr. Pippen will not be arrested, there’s more here than meets the eye,” said Whitmore, a Malibu police officer.

Police will although continue to investigate further as reported by the Chicago Tribune. He said the investigation was continuing. “We have to investigate and check with all the witnesses and find out exactly what happened,” said Whitmore.

Reports are coming out that the man was “highly intoxicated,” and with no charges being filed it seems as if the man was harassing Pippen & it was bound to end up in someone getting knocked out.

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