Baron Davis

Welp – The brother crazy!

Baron Davis was by far one of the most talented players in to play in the NBA throughout the first decade of the 2000s. Although he was a strong point guard on court that brought him great success, he was also very versatile that gave him the chances to dabble in various artistic fields such as movies, music, and fashion, so it was safe to assume that he was a well-rounded man.

While on a podcast for with the comedians Neal Brennan (co-creator of Chappelle Show) and Moshe Kasher, Davis told a story how he was recently abducted by aliens.. No lie.

” I was in this f**king like steel thing, this f**king crazy looking people like half-human, half-ugly mother**kers…they were poking me on my nose and like looking me in my eyes, they had my hands tied up, and next thing I know I’m like in Montebello dude burning rubber..”

“… I just got off on the next exit, there was an In & Out…I had like two burgers.. I got out of the car and I’m like “Damn dude, did I just fall asleep?”

Then Davis said almost half-jokingly (or seriously – who’s to say) that maybe it wasn’t aliens that abducted him, and that in face it was the Illuminati.

 “Maybe I was abducted by Illuminati and shit and they just tapped me in..”

Baron Davis does mention he felt like he fell asleep, and he has been known to smoke on that Cali Kush often, or maybe Davis was just messing with everyone. Joke or not – this is a crazy a-s story.

Listen to the excerpt from the podcast below posted by DeadSpin:

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