No need to hold on any longer. Majid Jordan’s self-titled debut album is here.

The Toronto-based duo, who first found success by co-writing Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home,” brought their mentor Drizzy along as the 12-track project’s only guest. Their collaboration, “My Love,” was also the LP’s first single.

OVO Sound’s tag-team unveils this effort with a message of gratitude.

“When we met four years ago we never would have imagined the journey that lead to this album,” the duo said on Instagram. “Thank you to our friends, family, and mentors for making this project possible. We are beyond excited to share this piece of us with you all.”

Listen to Majid Jordan’s debut album below:

1. Learn From Each Other
2. Make It Work
3. My Love
(Ft. Drake)
4. Small Talk
5. Pacifico
6. Shake Shake Shake
7. Love Is Always There
8. Warm
9. Something About You
10. Day And Night
11. King City
12. Every Step Every Way

Majid Jordan – “Majid Jordan” [download HERE]


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