Swizz Beatz and Scarface unite for “Sad News,” a protest song in light of recent police shootings.

The track features a somber Swizz on the hook. “A little boy got shot down today,” he sings. “I hope his family is OK / They said erase that pain / I hope the whole world be OK / Get on your knees and pray.”

Scarface takes over from there with potent rhymes. “Shot down for the dope and the dollar sign,” he raps. “I often sit and wonder, ‘Could this world be mine?’ / Nah, I’d be lying / If I said I ain’t heard ’em when they told me I was ‘just a ni**a’ / Nothing but a burden to society.”

Swizz and Scarface aren’t the only ones outraged by the police shootings that have concerned the nation this week. Other celebrities like Jay Z & Beyoncé, Drake, Chris Brown, Trey Songz and many others have also shared their outrage in numerous ways.

Listen to “Sad News” below: