The Dream, Beyonce & 2 Chainz

Listening to The Dream’s album “IV Play”,  I found it’s a mix of sexually inspired songs. The album could be used for an entire play for a night of lap dances & strip-teases and other grown up things. My favorite track off the album thus far is”Turnt”, featuring King Bey & Mr. Hair Weave Killer.


Beyonce & 2 Chainz bring an edge to the track. This is the first time they’ve worked together and luckily, it’s a good collabo for both parties.


Beyonce however really turns out this song by bringing her inner freak through her lyrics, like:

“Red light special, undress me under the candlelight
Turnt up in this business, watch me do all of them things you like
I’m ready to go, ready to blow like Grammy night in the back of that limousine
Billy Bob and Angeline..”

“.. Turnt up, all the way to the ceiling
Burnt up, till you ain’t got no feeling
On my phone, let’s hear it
Talkin bout you gon kill it
Beat it up, until I black out,
Cash out.”


The Dream & Beyonce do some thing like a duet as they sing about the things they do to get things “turnt up” sexually & 2 Chainz drops a verse as well and talks about what he knows best – killing that thang, being a hair weave killer, and being just as true as his jeans. TRUE!


Listen to the audio below & if interested listen to the rest of the album via VEVO:


Sidebar: 2 Chainz’ one liners throughout the chorus (“Ratchet”) – love it. It adds so much to the song even though it’s just one word. This ratchet thing is a lifestyle lol

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