Chris Brown doubles your pleasure with the nine-minute video for “Liquor” and “Zero,” two singles off his upcoming album “Royalty.”

The self-directed video, which was shot in downtown L.A., starts off with Breezy at the bar after a break up, where he takes a shot from a female patron. Before he knows it, they’re making out in the back of a car before hitting the club. Sporting creepy contacts, a woozy Breezy makes his way through a black-lit room and a fun house before dancing on top of the bar.

He returns home to find his ex throwing out his clothes. After speeding away in his $200,000 Rezvani Beast, he dances the pain away, busting out some killer choreography to his kiss-off anthem “Zero” in the alley, at The Palace Theatre, and at the laundromat.

At the very end, he runs into millionaire playboy Dan Bilzerian, who is buying a stack of condoms at the convenience store, with an armful of chicks. We’re guessing this clip is going to lead to another single, maybe about being a rich player?

Both songs will appear on Brown’s upcoming seventh album Royalty, due this fall.


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