A 15 years+ relationship, a child and another on the way, a home, and a business together all hasn’t stopped “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” reality TV CLOWN Kirk Frost from completely embarrassing his wife Rasheeda and shattering their marriage.

Last night’s showing of the popular VH1 reality series, husband of Atlanta “Boss B-tch” rapper Rasheeda was seen on every television set throwing away his marriage as he engaged in some inappropriate actions with some groupie hoes. Benzino invites Kirk for a weekend getaway where they meet up with Bobby V and several bodies of hoes. Kirk gets drunk, and starts to reminisce on being single & says that he “misses it”. As the episode comes to its conclusion, the cameras catch Kirk walking into a room, closing the door behind him & some girls. Use your imagination after that..

Rasheeda & Kirk have been said to be experiencing some marital problems since this season started but now as the episodes get farther towards the season finale, things are just getting worse for the couple – more so Rasheeda. She’s pregnant with the couple’s second child and Kirk is too busy out thinking he’s 21 again, with no wife & no responsibilities as a husband.

He’s told his wife to have an abortion, he’s taken her name off of their joint business bank account, and has no care or thought at the idea of a divorce. It’s like he’s checked out of their marriage altogether.

The worst part of this situation is that it’s publicly televised so everyone can see what Kirk does & says to his wife.

Rasheeda has admitted that her husband & herself are having marital problems. Although she would like to make her marriage work, she’s not forgiven him for his infidelities or his poor attitude in their personal and business relationship. “You try to forgive but you can’t forget. I’m at a place where I’m like, ‘Wow, you really went there with me,’ but I’m with child. I’m not gon’ overstress myself or overwhelm myself. Am I standing there like, ‘Oh baby yes, I’m cool. I forgive everything.’ Hell nah.[…]Right now he’s working hard trying to get back into my good graces. Just keeping it 100.”

And no one blames Rasheeda for how she feels. Even big name rapper Nicki Minaj felt a type of way watching Kirk lose his damn mind. She took to her Twitter & expressed her disgust about Rasheeda’s husband & manager:

“Damn my n—a, after 15 yrs u wld embarrass the mother of your child while she’s pregnant on nat’l tv like that? cornballs on deck. for reality tv tho? My n—a…that s–t ain’t worth it. If you’re trying to convince someone you’re not gay that’s the wrong way to go about it. Your wife is pregnant. U do that on nat’l tv? GTFOH.”

“Having problems is one thing, broadcasting it on a tv show for some air time is another. That woman stayed by your side. how dare u? And i dare u to say it ain’t none of my business. u done sold it to vh1. Its everybody business. Its levels to this s–t…lol…the lower level minds will never understand that. You’re willing to ruin a 15 yr bond for vh1? el stupido”

Rasheeda is almost eight months pregnant and going through so much in her life. It’s sad to watch & also very maddening that a grown man who’s loved & cherished her since they were in high school could do a full 360 and disrespect her at this level. He is the exact definition of a scumbag!

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