Ariana Grande, Jessie J, and Nicki Minaj debuted their first performance for their joint single “Bang Bang” as the opening act for the 2014 VMA’s. First Ariana performed her chart topping single “Break Free”, then Nicki performed her hit “Anaconda” immediately after. Almost immediately after that, Jessie J began “Bang Bang”. Everything was flowing well until Nicki came back onstage for her verse on the track appearing like her dress was not ready.

Nicki suffered a poor wardrobe malfunction as she didn’t have enough time to zip her dress up all the way for the performance. According to sources at the VMA’s, after rushing off the stage after her “Anaconda” performance, Nicki was locked out of her dressing room for 10 minutes. When security finally arrived with the key for the room, there was not enough time to get her in the dress, and zip it up before she was pushed right back on stage.

Nicki did her verse, and held onto that dress for dear life. The Queens rapper posted to her personal Instagram account that she was completely naked under that dress and was hanging on to prevent any slips.

Wardrobe malfunction or not — the show must go on. Catch the performance with Ariana & Jessie J below:

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