If you were at a Summer Jam this past Sunday night, you definitely felt confused when Brooklyn rapper Papoose ran on stage and started to “perform”. It was so left field and it seemed as if he stole the stage. I laughed about it all night after the concert – he wasn’t on the teleprompter, he wasn’t announced, & nobody knew what was going on until he talked about Remy Ma (his wife) coming home next year. So Papoose pulled a Lil’ Mama and practically embarassed himself in front of thousands of concert goers.

Hot 97’s program director and radio personality Ebro was also one of those confused faces when Papoose hit the stage. Ebro says he knew nothing about the performance and challenged Papoose via Twitter to visit his show the next morning to explain why he stormed the stage. (see below)

Ebro Twitter

Ebro twitter

Update: According to Hot 97 reps, Papoose did not steal the stage and it was TDE and Kendrick Lamar’s team that wanted him to perform.

Kendrick Lamar, although he performed solo, had a lot of his entourage on stage along with A$A Rocky’s team close by. A member of TDE told Peter Rosenberg all about the favor to have Papoose perform backstage. “”When I saw them [TDE] at the venue, I go, ‘So that’s really happening?’ And he’s like, ‘Listen, Pap’s looked out for Kendrick for a long time.'”

So Papoose didn’t storm the stage – it was just a backstage decision that TDE did not announce to the officials at Hot 97’s Summer Jam. Listen to the BlackRicanJew Morning Show below where they continue to talk about Papoose’s let field performance.

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